St Mary's Church Charlbury with Shorthampton


St Mary’s is a Fairtrade Church committed to using Fairtrade tea and coffee and promoting the use of Fairtrade goods.  Fairtrade products are available on a Sunday after the 9.45am service. Alternatively you can give your written orders, with your name and contact details, to Cara Williams on Sundays or to Ted Welsh, Daniela Jenkins or Jenny Welsh. Any queries about products and payment can be addressed to Cara Williams at 01608 811284 or email:

When you see the Fairtrade symbol you can be assured that the initial producer will have received a fair price for what is grown – whether it be tea, coffee, cocoa, cotton, sugar or dried fruit. Over seven million people across 58 developing countries now benefit from the international Fairtrade certification system. Most of the producers are small scale farmers.

Not only does the Fairtrade symbol mean the producer gets a fair price, it also means a small premium goes towards development projects to supply, for example, clean water, training courses, and, in some cases, housing. The Fairtrade system covers the whole trading chain and is monitored to ensure standards are met.

Charlbury Fair Traders, a group of individuals mostly from St Mary’s Church, are one of many small traders at the end of the trading chain. With them there are no shareholders, no big overheads and any profits go to charities such as Wateraid, Christian Aid and the Karuna Trust. When you buy from a small trader such as Charlbury Fair Traders, in preference to a supermarket, you can be sure that you are making a difference.

Edward Welsh, Charlbury Fair Traders.