St Mary's Church Charlbury with Shorthampton

Baptism via Skype


We had a very unusual baptism in St Mary’s last Sunday (11th Sept). Everyone was assembled, the parents, friends and the baby, to be christened Faye, arranged round the font. The only problem was two of the godparents were in Sydney Australia.

But it is marvellous what you can do with technology these days. Luckily the church has WiFi installed so a laptop with a remote web-cam hooked on a pillar allowed them to be part of the service and to make their vows at the appropriate point. They joined us at the start of the service when the camera was trained on the alter and surrounding area so they could see what was going on and join in the hymns if they wanted to. We had already sent them a copy of the service so they could follow what was happening, then, when it came to the baptism, the camera was repositioned on the other side of the pillar with a view of the font area. All in all it went off very well, the only problem was the remote godparents could not partake in the post baptism lunch which was no doubt provided.