St Mary's Church Charlbury with Shorthampton

Clock progress report


As many will have noticed, the scaffolding around the church tower has now been removed. This does not mean that the work on the clock is complete – far from it.

The scaffolding allowed us to get at the hands on the clock face and remove the rods which drove them. This was all refurbished before Christmas (see previous article), so now we are beginning the work on the clock itself.

The clock actually consists of three mechanisms. They are; the Going – which keeps the time; the Quarters – which strike the quarter hours, and the Hours – striking the right number on the hour. Each of these can be worked on separately, so we might at some time have the quarters without the hour, or the hours without the quarters, or a stopped clock altogether while the going is repaired. At the moment we are starting work on the Hours, many parts of which have been removed and taken away for attention. So at the moment the regular marking of each quarter of an hour will still be there but on the hours there will be no bongs!. We will keep you updated on the progress of this project, all made possible by your generous donations.

Thank you – Mike Summers