St Mary's Church Charlbury with Shorthampton

Flowers in St Mary’s Church – In Memoriam

From the week beginning Friday 4th January 2019, it will be possible to dedicate the large flower arrangement which stands by the main altar, in memory of someone close to you. The cost will be £30 and the flowers will usually remain in place for a fortnight running from Friday 4th January. In the event of two people wanting to cover the same fortnight, each arrangement will be by the main altar for one week and the east end altar for the other. A small card by the arrangement will have the name of the deceased and year of death. An In Memoriam notice in the week’s Messenger will include the same information. No flowers in Lent or Advent. Please book in advance with Jo Paton, Parish Office. Cheques made payable to Charlbury PCC or cash.