St Mary's Church Charlbury with Shorthampton

Reverse Advent Calendar

A Reverse Advent Calendar is a way of bringing Christmas hope to those in need, moving the focus from receiving to giving and sharing. This year Churches Together in Charlbury is organising a Reverse Advent Calendar in aid of the Steppin’ Stone Centre, Oxford. From Advent Sunday, you can collect a cardboard box from St Mary’s. Every day of Advent place one item from the list into the box. From Christmas Eve until the middle of January, these boxes can be taken to St Mary’s church and they will be collected and delivered to the Centre.
Steppin Stone would be grateful for:
Coffee, sugar
Stock cubes, spices and herbs
Long life juice
Tins of corned beef, meat, tuna salmon etc.
Tins of rice pudding, fruit etc.
Non perishable packets pasta, rice etc.
(All edible items to have long sell by dates please).
Washing powder
Disposable razors
Deodorant, shower gel etc.
New socks.

Thank you.