St Mary's Church Charlbury with Shorthampton

The clock strikes again!


The church clock is working again, striking the quarters and the hours. A big thank you to all who made this possible through your donations,support and patience while this lenghy process was carried out.

To bring you up to date, the “going” has now been refurbished with several cleaned and repaired parts and been set going. Before that happened, the weight on the pendulum was lifted clear and the big nut on the bottom was tightened up and the weight released back onto it. This has the effect of shortening the pendulum. Those who did physics at school will know that this makes it it swing slightly faster, so at the moment the clock is gaining abou 5-10 minutes a week. The reason for this procedure is that we are entering a period of adjustments and tweaks, and it is much easier (well relatively) to slacken off the big nut than to tighten it up against the weight of the weight – if that makes sense. Another adjustment required will be to cut down the gap between the Westminster chimes for the hour and the striking of the hour itself. At present this is about 25 seconds, and several cases of of stress, wondering will it ever strike – if so when – have been reported.
More news will be posted as and when it happens.